« Quand les Femmes font Danser le Monde »

« Quand les Femmes font Danser le Monde » – Wonderbraz
Identify. Produce. Mix. Sounds polyphony. Kaleidoscope of images. Women dance and sing the world in tune. First raised. Haitian, Algerian, Sudanese, Breton sisters. Sisters of identity, gender, sex. Sorority. Support. Emancipation. Women’s energy breaks the chains of oppressors. Dancing the vibrations. Sing of reconciliation. Sing of forgiveness and Love. The undefeated power of women dances and sings. To dance! To sing! To dance! Upright. Stellar. WARRIORS.
Mix: Yuna Le Braz
Video: Thierry Salvert
Sound: Thomas Quéré and Thomas Saouzanet

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