GLΔZ Music : what is at stake ?

Glaz Music gathers professional music companies based in Brittany which are all engaged, with a high artistic standard, in the international development of local artists and music bands.

Promoters, managers, music halls, festivals, editors: Glaz Music represents the diversity of musical aesthetics which grows in Brittany and the diversity of « making ».

Collective delegations or focus on Brittany abroad, invitations of international delegates to Brittany, showcases and speed-listening sessions… Everything we organise aims to create the best conditions for international cooperation, to increase the visibility of artists, to enlighten the artistic richness of Brittany, to act prescriptively all together.

Glaz Music is coordinated by Spectacle vivant en Bretagne, the regional Agency for performing arts, created by the Regional Council of Brittany and the French Ministry of Culture.

Our goals

  • Create the best conditions for international cooperation
  • Increase the visibility and the international development of the artists
  • Enlighten, on an international scale, the artistic richness of Brittany
  • Act prescriptively, all together


GLΔZ Music Key Figures, since 2014:

Since 2014 :

  • 111 international delegates, from 34 countries, from all over the world, came here in Brittany to attend « Glaz Music : Welcome to Bretagne » within the Transmusicales, the Bars en trans festivals and NoBorder Festival
  • 6 Glaz showcases were organised at MaMA Event (2015 & 2019) for 500 professionals
  • 4 Glaz delegations moved to Jazz Ahead (Bremen, Germany), SOTX (Beijing, China), IOMMA (La Réunion), Adelaide (Australia)
  • 88 bands born in Brittany performed within Glaz Music events




with the Support of Institut français in Paris