Rick le Cube

A performance that evokes sensations and emotions

Since the first performance of « The Odyssey of Rick Le Cube » in 2009 at the Marmaille Festival and Electroni(k) Festival in France, the SATI team and the public have grown attached to Rick, this simple, smiling, cubic egg.
On the road that led them to more than 400 representations in several countries (France, Japan, China…), Erwan, Jesse and Jacques-Yves composed the basis for the new adventures of their favorite character.
On this third episode, Rick Le Cube takes us on board this time for a journey and a quest to find his family back !
Through this audio-visual special show, SATI’s team enchant the public with their acoustic and electronic music, their sound effects and their technology.
The artists and their public find themselves in the same « bubble » where imagination and reality are mixed

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Focus Glaz Artists 2020