the new vibrant Breton groove band

Do you know ‘Ndiaz, the new vibrant Breton groove band ? This band from Brittany will bring you a feeling of absolute well-being. On one side It’s like a rock concert with high energy and you will want to dance on this « Power Quartet ». On the other side, you will feel calmer, more contemplative. Ndiaz will make you live an amazing new experience with the discovery of a culture through its dance and music open to the world, making you travel. You will discover a parallel world of misty atmospheres and sounds will put you in a trance !

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Frédéric LE FLOCH – Production, Management
+33 (0)6 70 56 73 97


Glaz Music : Welcome to Bretagne 2021

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Friday 2 december
11:00 am