A danceable sadness…

Victor Gobbé, member of the band The Slow Sliders, presents his solo project, Lesneu. A name in tribute to his hometown Lesneven, where he found refuge in composing this new project with the minimum requirements. He drew his inspiration from his warm and unchanged room, surrounded by Star Wars LEGO and Lanfeust’s comics. Renowned for his joy of life and his tricks, Victor reveals here an emotional and sincere universe by singing behind his organ (a Yamaha PS-20 bought 18 Euros). A danceable sadness, pushed by this powerful voice and these beautiful melodies, bringing to mind The Walkmen and Beach House. After a debut EP on Beko, he returns with Lovin’ on Music From The Masses by Christmas 2017. This EP lead him to the greatest indie festivals (Château Sonic, Hello Birds, Freaks Pop Festival) and on France and Belgium’s roads in Miossec’s tour bus, which lead him to perform at Pleyel’s music hall.
After a duet, a quartet and a solo version, Lesneu cames back in quintet to present his new album ‘’Bonheur ou Tristesse’’ with a first date at Transmusicales 2019.

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