Beau Bandit

A delicate, joyful, intoxicating but also melancholy universe…

A new lineup of five musicians who are well-known on the Rennes social scene.
Beau Bandit has a playful, touching and pop approach to a delicate, joyful, intoxicating but also melancholy universe.
The inevitable play of references collide insolently to make one think as much of Paul Simon and his virtual nephews from The Coral as of Andréa Laslo from Simone, Vampire Weekend or Eels.
For the record, Beau Bandit is a Hollywood movie produced by the RKO in 1930 which tells the preparations for a bank robbery by a bandit and his deaf and mute sidekick.

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Mathieu GERVAIS programmer & international relationships
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Thursday 8 december
5:10 pm
at L’Étage