Bantam Lyons

between rock-noise and cold wave

Formed in 2013 in the town of Brest, to make some melancholy 80s reminiscences pop between rock-noise and cold wave. After two EPs, the band released a 1st album in 2016, “Melatonin Spree” (Kshantu) which took them on the roads of France and Europe.

The 2nd album “Mardell” has been released on October 15th, 21 on “Music From The Masses” (Pias distribution). In a raw and organic production, the band rediscover their British-inspired post-punk reflexes. It’s direct and unvarnished, both with anger and melancholy. The rhythm is monstrous, the guitars sharps and the voice still deep, it’s perfect.

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Guillaume POTTIER
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Glaz Music : Welcome to Bretagne 2021

→ Bars en Trans

Friday 3 december
10:30 pm
at Chapelle du Conservatoire