Making their audience dance to the pulse of their soul…

Unidentified musical object born from the distant big bang of electronic music, Atoem, the duo of alchemists and experimenters, has been engaged in the methodical creation of an impeccable techno, mixing cold variants and elementary sound particles. In the heart of the Rennes cosmos, Gabriel Renault and Antoine Talon, two machinist artists with invariable symmetry, are the modern and mystical aoidos of the electronic scene, delivering with methodic prudence a series of spatial symphonies, while making their audience dance to the pulse of their soul.

On stage, the two photons exercise full control on the world of randomness; using machines as extensions of their body, they take us to the boundary, if there is one, of space and of the Orient. A musical interstice that they themselves have created, a gaping hole filled with references. In the labora- tory of guitars, analog and modular synths, Atoem, the human machine, comes to life in the mazes of its organic and epileptic performances. So be prepared if you want to see their eccentric orbital station arrive: regardless of the venue, you’re going to have your phase distorted.

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Glaz Music : Welcome to Bretagne 2019

Glaz Music : Welcome to Bretagne 2021

→ Trans Musicales

Saturday 4 december
6:00 pm
at Antipode MJC